Easy Decorating Tips For Your Bedroom

Many people will spend a lot of time and money to decorate a living area, dining room, or office. Too often, they neglect the bedroom, which is should be a cozy retreat. A comfortable, pleasant bedroom can help you start to relax, even before you turn in, which may lead to better sleep.

To create a proper retreat, you will need to do more than merely spread a king quilt on the bed. Start with the furniture, in whatever style you prefer. Do not try to fit in more pieces than your room can accommodate, though. Too little floor space can make the room feel small and cramped. By matching the scale of the room to the furniture you create a brighter, more cheerful environment. One piece of furniture you might want to consider if you have plenty of room is a chaise lounge with a lamp beside it. This lets you read and relax in comfort.

Select your bedding collection to suit your tastes. Ideally, it should be something that will appear inviting and appealing to you. Some may prefer flowers in subdued colors, others a geometric style in bright colors. You might also consider a muted stripe, something with a country flair, or an Oriental-inspired design. Some prefer solids in a color that is especially appealing to them.

A mirror, either free-standing or placed on the wall, can make a small room appear larger or a dark room seem brighter. Do not try to fit in a standing mirror if you do not have sufficient room to move around it freely. In addition to knocking it over, you may find it has exactly the opposite effect desired, making the room feel smaller.

Limit wall hangings to no more than one large item and two small to medium-sized ones. Too much wall art has a tendency to make you feel as if the walls are closing in on you. Select items that will bring a smile to your lips or help you relax. For some, this might be a dragon painting, while others might prefer a seascape. It really makes no difference what you choose, as long as you have the desired reaction when you look at it.

Do not feel that you need to cover every inch of flat space with home decor accents. Too many can quickly make a room feel cluttered, and make it difficult for you to dust properly. If you have a collection, such as animal figurines, shells, or blown glass, that you want to display, consider a corner curio cabinet. This reduces the need to dust while showcasing their beauty, particularly if you choose a lighted model. You can also place a small glass case on top of a decorator round to hold your collection.

Remember that your bedroom is more than just someplace to sleep. It is your personal kingdom, and as such should be a warm, welcoming environment. Decorate it in a style that will be conducive to your relaxation.

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