Our Review of the Bullseye Stud Finder

The Bullseye Stud Finder is great for the home user or light use for professional user. It is the highest end model for non-professionals and it works great. The Bullseye is more than just a good stud finder (we can even make sure that it is one of the best stud finder on the market today). It detects AC wiring and is an auto level also. These three great features make it a must-have for any homeowner.

Laser Leveling with the Bullseye Stud Finder

The Bullseye stud finder has a self-leveling laser. This means no matter what angle you have it at, it will level the laser and give you a straight line no matter what. The standard distance is about 10 feet in either direction but it has an additional cone which extends the distance to a 15-foot line. To use the laser level function, you just hit the switch on the side and the laser comes out of both ends and ready for use.

What’s really nice about the Bullseye is that it will wrap the laser beam around interior corners and keep going. This provides accurate leveling across walls. You can be about 10 degrees off of level and the Bullseye will still work perfectly.

Another nice feature is that the Bullseye stud finder comes with a tiny pin mount in the back so it can hang on a wall without putting a big hole in it. This is great in case you are alone and need both hands to hang things. It stays on this mount with no problems for as long as you need it.

Bullseye Stud Finder is spot on

The Bullseye stud finder is much easier and reliable than any stud finder in this price range. It’s easy to use, simply flip the switch and press the Bullseye against the wall and after a few seconds, it will tone if it found a stud. It will turn off the tone when it comes to the edge of the stud accurately. The Bullseye will detect both wood and metal studs. It is a little loud but that could be good in case your in a noisy environment such as a construction zone.


Bullseye Stud Finder AC Wire Detection is a great idea

The Bullseye stud finder AC wiring function is is another added feature which comes in handy if you are looking for studs. Usually, when you find a stud, you want to drive a nail or something to hang an object. But you don’t want to hit an electrical wire and hurt yourself or someone else. The Bullseye has an AC detector which will find all your electrical wiring so you don’t make a mistake.


If your looking for a spot on accurate stud finder with added functionality of a laser level and AC detector then the bullseye stud finder is for you.

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