Humidifier – Uses, Benefits and Much More

Dryness in the air can take out the moisture in your skin. This can lead to irritation in your body. Some antiques and furnishings in the room may also take the toll for desiccated air. This is when the work of humidifier can come in handy.

Humidifier – What It Is?

A humidifier is an electrical device that increases moisture in the air. There are home-based humidifiers, furnace humidifiers, and medical ventilators.

Home-based humidifiers provide moisture to a single room in which it is placed. Furnace humidifiers, also called as whole-house humidifiers provide moisture to the entire house. Medical ventilators are used in hospitals to improve patient comfort.

Broadly, humidifiers are of two types – portable and fixed. The portable appliance requires that the water be filled in it periodically. It has to be done manually. The size of this electrical device ranges from table-top to floor-mount. Fixed humidifiers are suitable for usage in buildings with the central heating system. The appliance has connected the furnace of the building which in turn provides moisture to the entire building.

Our Best Picks:

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