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AFESIP, based in Cambodia, was founded in 1996 by Somaly Mam and is the original and principal organization with which she works to rescue, help heal and empower women and children who have been forced into sexual slavery AFESIP operates three shelters in Cambodia which provide a range of essential services, from medical and psychological care to education and vocational training. Combined, these services create the skills necessary to find stable employment, or to start a business. After a survivor leaves the centers, follow up services continue with monthly visits and other support as needed to ensure successful re-entry into a healthy independent life. AFESIP also provides preventative educational services in an effort to stop sexual slavery before it starts, and HIV/AIDS outreach to deal with the overwhelming health risks involved. AFESIP also participates in both local and international initiatives and events, and extends it work into other countries in Southeast Asia.

More about AFESIP can be found at www.afesip.org

Because of Somaly’s strong and abiding belief in the importance and power of survivors’ voices, Voices for Change was founded. Her insistence that it would only be effective if the girls could obtain higher education led to scholarships, and her further belief that real world training and opportunities are essential led to a business training program.

Voices For Change