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The New Somaly Mam Fund:  Voices for Change is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Donations, which are urgently needed to continue the work of AFESIP and Voices for Change, can be made using the donate button below and are processed by Paypal.  All funds will be properly transferred to continue the support of victims and survivors and the advocacy programs that have been the principal work of Somaly and the organizations she founded for over two decades.

The urgent need for immediate funds has been caused because the foundation with which Somaly was formerly associated, abruptly and without warning in June, 2014, ceased to fund the contract and grant they had with AFESIP, leaving the programs which provide food, shelter, counseling, medical care, and skills training for victims suddenly without the ability to continue operation. These programs, which enable victims to become survivors with newly empowered personal and economic opportunities, are integral to helping young women who have been sexually traumatized through sexual slavery, rape or abuse.  They also aid young women in at-risk situations including involuntary prostitution, belonging to impoverished families who have sold their sisters and/or desperate homeless situations.  The 170 girls in shelters are in jeopardy of having their place of recovery closed.  The other preventative and advocacy programs have also been severely curtailed. Please see www.afesip.org for a full description of their programs and their current situation. Program Futures, a source of funds for AFESIP has reviewed recent events and decided that AFESIP continues to merit funding. Please see the report from Project Futures.

Donations can be mailed to:
The New Somaly Mam Fund: Voices for Change
333 Washington Blvd., #466
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Our 501 (c) (3) approval can be found here as well as our EIN approval letter from the IRS

Every donation – of any size – is much needed and appreciated.

  • $10.00 will provide one month of school supplies for four (4) girls attending grade school.
  • $50.00 will purchase two (2) 100 pound bags of rice which will feed eight (8) women and girls for two (2) months.
  • $100.00 will cover healthcare expenses for ten survivors for one month
  • $250.00 will help pay the utilities at the Children’s Center for almost a month.
  • $300.00 will cover the necessary health exams and tests for ten (10) victims as they enter the rehabilitation centers.
  • $500.00 will cover the cost of two (2) sewing machines for training in clothes making.
  • $1000.00 will help cover the cost of the three month course in hair and beauty salon techniques needed for salon work.
  • $2500.00 will cover the cost of materials and the instructor for the clothes making course for six (6) months at one rehabilitation center.
  • $10,000 will feed seventy (70) rehabilitation center residents for three (3) months
  • $50,000 will pay for the staff, medical supplies and equipment, hygiene materials and the rent for the medical clinic for one full year.

Voices For Change