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The New Somaly Mam Fund:  Voices for Change has been created by friends of Somaly Mam who admire the amazing accomplishments of her life and the good she had done, who believe in her integrity and disbelieve the attacks upon it, and who want her strong and effective voice to continue to be heard in the anti-human trafficking movement and her leadership to be undiminished.
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Filled as her life has been with challenges and defined by her steadfast commitment to the victims and survivors of human trafficking, Somaly Mam is an extraordinary leader who for over two decades, has been pivotal in the rescue of thousands of girls, in their rehabilitation, in seeing that they are prepared for independent re-entry into their communities, in organizing free clinics and preventative health services in red light districts, and in advocacy and awareness building worldwide.

Always preferring to be with the young people and women she helps, she nonetheless has travelled extensively to speak to people from Presidents to students to stop the centuries old scourge of human trafficking. She has tirelessly raised funds to support the programs that help victims of sexual slavery and has been widely recognized for her extraordinary work by respected organizations in the United States and elsewhere.

Like all famous and iconic people Somaly is vulnerable to gossip, criticism and attack, but she rises above that and continues to care first and foremost about victims of human trafficking and sexual violence, about their survival and about eradicating the lucrative human trafficking trade. She should continue to be front and center in that fight.

Somaly speaks to her supporters and asks for their support in establishing a new fund to help support the young women seeking to rebuild their lives in Cambodia.  Read her letter by clicking here.

Marie Claire Magazine Investigates and Rebuts Attacks on Somaly Mam. Please see her article by clicking here.

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