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Vocational Training Updates

Vocational Training from The National Employment Agency

On 21st Jan. 2015, AFESIP-Cambodia has cooperated with Siem Reap Job Center under National Employment Agency (NEA) of Cambodia to provide 13 in-centered residents with the preliminary orientation on the environment of vocational skills training and jobs available and meeting the current market demand. Two representatives from the above agency spent the whole day to introduce the respective information and self-assessment test focusing on four areas: Skills, Likes, Work Values, and Personalities. Be noted that NEA’s job center takes a role as a front office where plentiful labor market information service is provided to its users including job seekers, employers and training providers and all market demand-and-supply information is offered accordingly.

DSC08854 Following the day, it is observed that the participants realize their potentials further, notably their optional choices of vocational skills training besides sewing and hairdressing available in the center though most of them are still likely to select sewing or hairdressing as the first option. Additionally, more are interested in employment for others rather than self-employment. Since this stage is followed by the Survey on Vocational Skills and Personal Career Plan to be done the following day, the exact data will be shown later.


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